Who I was, Who I am and Who I want to be!

At some time or another in your life you will ask yourself these questions, maybe not in this order or all at once, but you will. As for me and my weight loss journey it is important  to try and work through my head junk so that I can be more clear minded when it comes to making good choices for my body. I will start with Who I was. Who I was was not a person that I am very proud of  or would ever want to be again. But I will say that I did learn some lessons from that girl. I was one of those people that would tell everyone that I was a people pleaser but I was actually just selfish. My way or the highway as the saying goes. One of my worst “who I used to be moments” was when I had convinced my then friends, that a good idea would be to lets sit in a circle and tell everyone about their flaws. Not a good idea especially when there was no plan to talk them through, mend them or give suggestions to an alternative. Nope just sit in what’s wrong with you and what others think is wrong with you and then carry on with your day. BAD IDEA! I don’t know what I was thinking. Needless to say many of those friends are no longer my friends today and I don’t blame them. They probably all feared that the “flaw circle” may rear its ugly head. So as you could understand that girl was absolutely not who I wanted to remain the rest of my days. TIME FOR CHANGE!

Who I Am  Today that sad, helpless girl is far from who I am. Today I am getting so close to who I want to be. I am stronger and more self aware because after all the only flaws you could ever fix are your own. So I focus soley on myself, with the exception of my children and trying to show them how to be aware of their own selves in this world and not worry about others. I have a faith that has taken me higher in life than I ever imagined for myself with even more to come. I love without any expectation in return. I share with my whole heart, both of myself and of my world. I want each day to grow to be even more of who I want to be. TIME FOR CHANGE!

WHO I WANT TO BE  Who I want to be is courageous, strong, loving and lovable. helpful, honest, intelligent with a continued zest for more learning. I want to be happy with who I am but still have the desire to grow and be better. I want my world to revolved around what I look like but who I am and what I brong to this life. I want to be honest to myself and for myself but not too honest that I hurt someone else. I want to continue to grow in my Faith and come even closer to the Heaven on earth I already feel. I want my “Fruits of my Spirit” to shine through and be Christ like in  all I do. This is who I want to be and who I will be. Far from a girl with her measuring stick of others shortcomings and no self reflection. Bye, Bye sad lonely girl thanks for the lesson of who to never be again and Hello to a world of possibilities…

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