When you fall- don’t just lay there- GET BACK UP!

I learned a very valuable lesson today in the midst of sheer embarrassment. It all started a regular Saturday, I was off to the movies, solo, which I truly enjoy. I had purchased my tickets and some concession items. I was carefully walking up the theater stairs into a very packed movie, in the dark, I caught my pants on my foot and you guessed it – down I went, flat on my face. Big gooey mess in front of me, smashed my shin on the stair and what felt like eyes of pity staring at me. I cleaned up my mess and picked myself up off the floor and left the theater to freshen up. As I stared at the woman in the mirror looking back at me I said to myself, This is life Alicia, your fall, you feel mortified and you pick yourself back up. I could have stayed on the floor, I could have left the cinema entirely and went home but I didn’t. I got up, cleaned up and made my way back to the theatre to enjoy my movie date with myself.
I feel like recently my life has felt like I took a spill but decided it was easier to stay down instead of rise up. Now I realize I’m stronger, capable and especially willing to get up and continue this journey of life, weight loss and soul finding. So the next time life gets in your way and decides to push you down a set of theatre stairs…GET UP AND TRY AGAIN! Life is worth it.

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