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Well my peeps, I’m going to need your help. In what you ask? In positive thoughts, motivation and good old butt kicking when I need it. I went to see my internal medicine specialist yesterday and it seems that everytime I go there I end up leaving with some sort of bad news about what I have done to my body. So because of years of being over weight and not making healthy food choices I have now got Type 2 diabetes. Yup you heard that right. I was prediabetic the last time I went there and even after loosing weight and making much better choices in my diet I still got this damn disease. To say the least I am not happy. I am angry. And not at anyone but myself. I am angry that I have played this game of Russian roulette with my body and health and all over a stupid donught or something that doesn’t even taste that good right now anyway. I am angry that this is another diagnosis that I have to add to my list of all the other things that are wrong with me. Sleep apnea, PCOS, anemic and now Diabetes. Come on. Enough already. I got this news and I had the whole car ride home from Victoria to think about it and I came home and I told my husband and I broke down to him and I said I just feel like I am broken, like everything that I have done to myself has led to this. I am scared. I am worried. I am frustrated. There are so many things that are going through my head and I just need to figure out what is next and how to change it.

So after I had my meltdown and well actually during too my husband says to me. It’s reversible. You have to fight. This is not going to be easy but you can do it. All those things that are good to hear but you just aren’t ready to hear them yet. I needed a moment to collect my thoughts. And I was getting frustrated because I really wanted him to try and understand that everytime I go to the doctors I am getting another list of the things that are wrong with me. I needed some empathy. Sit in my shoes for just a moment and try and understand. So I told him that. And he heard me and he said something that has really helped. He said you are very good at investigating things and figuring out how to change it or make it work for you or what to do next. So that’s what you need to do now. And it’s true. I do like to know about what I can do and what I can change to get this thing under control and or get rid of it all together. And I know when I work on gathering all the info that I need and figure out a plan I will be able to beat this sucker. I am grateful to the people I talked to yesterday. My husband, my mom and my inlaws. They all heard me and were able to be supportive. My father in law actually said to me ” Don’t worry honey, we are here to help you through this.” That really made my day. Knowing that I have people in my corner. And I am sure that it is like that for anyone that is diagnosed with something that they don’t understand and know how to treat yet. They too need to hear those words of encouragement from their loved ones. Then you feel less like you are alone in this and more like you have all the support you need. So that is what I am asking from you guys too. To know that I am in your thoughts and that I can hear a good “get up and get going” from you when I need it. So thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being supportive and thanks for fuelling my fire to kick this Diabetes right in the face and out of my life. Love you all!

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