What happens when…?

What happens when you hear those dreaded words…you may have Type 2 Diabetes, you have high blood pressure, you may have sleep apnea and it is possible you may have a thyroid issue or thyroid cancer and you if don’t change your lifestyle now then within the next ten years you are a 12% higher risk of having a heart attack. Wow. Seriously? These are the words that I heard this week as I was in a specialist office in Victoria. So in normal circumstances what I would usually do is suppress the truth of the words that I just heard as plain as day, then I would eat it away because so far that has done wonders for me. NOT! Then I would pretend that it wasn’t the truth. Well that didn’t work for me in the past and it sure as heck won’t work for me now. So my other choice is to face it head on, the truth. I am in dire need of a new lifestyle. One that takes care of my body. One that exercises and eats right. One that doesn’t take for granted that I am blessed in many ways and instead of enjoy the life I have with my family, just let life pass me by. So this is what I did. I heard what the doctor told me. I let it really sink in. I told my husband and parents and then I let it sink in some more. And then I took action. I said ” No way will this be the end of my story”. “No way will I go back to that doctor again in six months and have the same bad test results”. I need to make choices that will get me back to where I am happy and healthy and energetic. So those are the words that I have said and you may ask “What about the action?” I have been eating great all week, I have been having a lot more energy because of the good food choices. I have been moving around a lot more. I have felt happier and more clear headed. And……I have lost 5 pounds. So for this coming week I am adding to the healthy eating EXERCISE. And we will see what next week brings. I am proud of myself for the way that I handled this news that I have gotten this week. I feel stronger because I chose to face this head on insted of duck and cover or hide from the reality. I believe that this is the way to more self esteem, putting trust in your ability to handle whatever comes your way. And knowing that you are worth it all. That feels good!

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