Was it worth it?

This is a question that you ask yourself for many different reasons. You spend too much money on a new pair of shoes and then an unexpected bill comes and you are strapped for cash. Was it worth it? Someone asked you the truth about something, you bend the truth a little so as not to hurt their feelings but it comes back to bite you when they learn the truth anyway Was it worth it?
There are many scenarios in which you could ask yourself this question and this week mine was two fold The first part of this was when there were a few opportunities for me to meet new people and get physically active and I somehow convinced myself that I could not make each opportunity. As soon as I passed on the challenge I was full of regret and asked myself why I was afraid to do such a simple thing is go for a walk or do a boot camp all while meeting new people. What was the fear and was it worth it? I’m afraid in this instance it was not.
Now I’m still slowly learning the ways of success in the weight-loss field and how to handle the success responsibly and not fall into my old patterns. I have joined a group of women (plus two men) on a program called “Choose to Loose Nanaimo”. You do weekly weigh-ins, track your food and exercise. A week had passed and it was time for my weigh in. I’ve eaten so well all week and was continuing to feel great. I hopped on the scale and surprise I was down 4.6 pounds. Wow! That’s great. I was beaming. I was proud of my success and follow through with clean eating. These were feelings I was not used to and didn’t know what to do with them. So back to old habits I go, hey Alicia let’s celebrate , good for you, you deserve food! Now my brain still hasn’t been trained enough to say let’s choose something that continues to make my body feel good but instead it says let’s choose the food that got me here in the first place. So I celebrate my weight-loss with food… Bad food with lots of sugar and carbs and within an hour my body hated me. It started to turn on me. My once clean nutrient rich stomach became a landfill to horrific greasy sugary crap! My tummy was doing flips, my head started pounding, even my personality went from sweet, energy filled, happy mom to grumpy, depressed, pissed off chick. My body was in such pain and I couldn’t reach the bathroom fast enough. You would have thought I drink a gallon of unclean Mexican water. If there had ever been a sign in my life this one was more clear than neon flashing lights in the dark. The sign was saying Alicia this food, your old choices are not good for you. They make you sick. It affects your personality and your emotions and your physical health. So the next time you lose weight, celebrate with something nonfood related. Instead do something that continues to make your body feel good like a long walk with your family or a bath reading a great book. Anything enjoyable to both your mind and your body. So the question of the day was my choice in celebratory food worth it? The answer had no! Never again!

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