The Roller coaster of Weight loss!

My journey continues on this crazy roller coaster of weight loss and I feel like I am starting to slip. The good news is I’m aware of it, I’ve caught myself and I’m talking myself out of it. Of course this will happen on occasion and having the awareness will make them less frequent and easier to get back on track.

I compare weight-loss to roller coaster because the similarities are too many to ignore. Both have ups and downs either on the tracks or on the scale. Both have steep hills to climb and it sometimes feels like you may never reach the top. A Roller coasters decline is rapid in the beginning, as is weight loss ( water weight). If you eat too much on either you’ll pay for it later or you’ll throw up now. Both weight loss and roller coasters have lots of twists and turns and you never know what comes next. Each you may think you can plan for but you never really know how it will end.
There is only one difference between the two and in my eyes it’s the biggest of them all. With the roller coaster someone else is in charge or in control. With weight loss you are in control. This is why even though I know that I am coming close to slipping and may again sometime I also know I’m in control. I choose how this ride will end.
I’m learning too that even though I’m in charge of the journey I still want people on this roller coaster ride with me. It’s scary to ask for help. It’s scary to put yourself out there and say as much fun as this is been solo I need people to join me on this adventure. In the front seat I know I really need my husband beside me just as I know he needs me on his journey too. The seats behind us I reserve for anyone who wants to help get us there. Be it friends, family, strangers. Anyone who’s willing to make this one heck of a ride. So my challenge for myself this week besides making sure that I keep my feet firmly planted where they are is to ask for what I know I need on this journey , SUPPORT! My weight loss tracks may twist and turn, go up and go down and even end surprisingly but I am more than excited to share it with the kindness of others. Just sitting back raising my arms, closing my eyes and waiting for what comes next…

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