The perks of living life just for you…

Wow, has the year so far ever been great. How you ask? Well let me tell you. If you read my previous blog about “New Year, New Me” you’d understand that I’ve made the decision to start living my life with good choices and in a more healthy way. A life with positivity, love and excitement. All of these things added together are a special equation needed for success. And with success comes confidence and a feeling of freeness that is hard to explain. There is nothing tying you down anymore by these feelings of Failure and regret. I used to live my life, sadly for food and the feelings I thought I got from food. But the truth of that is no feeling is better than the pride you feel when you know that the choices you are making are doing good things for your body, your mind and your spirit.
Life feels great when you can see that your choices are also doing good things for your family. My children only have good food choices in our home I can see a huge difference in them both physically and mentally. Being organized in the mornings gives me an extra few moments to enjoy my breakfast and some conversation with my husband before we start our day. I love this time. I am happy to be enjoying each little moment given to me through the day such as playing and having real, genuine fun with the daycare children and watching their faces light up as we play silly games together. I savour those few moments in the morning and at night where I can enjoy snuggles with my boys. The extra time we have to revel in great conversation about anything and nothing at all. All of these moments equal a day filled with small treasures, each of which I cherish.
My eyes have become so awakened to the things that I have been missing out on each day. I can look at that and be sad or I can do as I have been and keep moving forward to each new treasure that awaits me. I am proud of the fact that I am showing my husband and children that life was made to enjoy, family was made to love and be loved by and that choices are there to decide which direction we choose to go. The one with success, the one with failure or the unknown. I choose following the one with success. These are the perks of living life for me!

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