Strength…where does it come from?

In the past view days I have learned a lot about inner strength and where it comes from. I used to think that it came from accomplishing goals, which it does to some degree. But I truly believe that real inner strength comes from the courage to stand up for yourself when you realize that you deserve to be treated with respect. You finally can see that until you can say it out loud to another person that you believe it yourself. I think this is where my biggest weight issue has come from. Not knowing or believing that I am worth respect and deserve to be treated as such. I have the type of personality that puts everyone first and myself last. I used to think that was being generous and selfless however I have come to realize I am giving my self LESS because I give too much. This is not good for anyone. I try and teach my children about the importance of respect but how can they hear it from someone who doesn’t give herself what she is asking others to do. HUGE life lesson. So I believe that true inner courage and strength comes from knowing that you are worth exactly what you expect others to give you and what you should give to yourself. I know that this is a huge step on my weight journey too because I used to think if I ate right and exercised then I would feel strength and courage.

This will come but I believe that it will come much quicker once you have got it in your mind that you are worth eating right and exercising. I am worth making good choices for. I am worth taking the time for me to give my body the fuel that it needs to keep making good choices. I am worth choosing the right foods for my body and most importantly I am worth having the life that I want for myself. I had asked someone to respect me and they did not but in that sad moment I realized I just gave myself the respect by having the courage to ask for it whether or not that person could give it to me. Today I realize I love myself and I love that I can see it. What comes next will blow all our minds…

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