One Small Step

It really is the first step that is the hardest. But I ask myself, why? Why is it so hard that I would rather avoid it than put one foot in front of the other and go. For me this week helped me to find the answers I was looking for and it helped me to take the dreaded first step. I believe the first steps are the hardest because there is the unknown. You don’t know what something feels like until you experience it, just like with exercise. In my head, for someone who hasn’t exercised in over two years it feels like an impossible feat. I make it so much bigger than what it really is. So if I continue to think about the gravity of the exercise situation and taking that first step then I can make excuses, avoid it, rationalize my fears and simply be a stubborn old ox and say “Nope, I ain’t doing that”. But then life happens, stress happens and you’ve got to be strong for someone else and pull it together and before you know it you’re walking a mile in the pouring rain, carrying a “way too heavy” bag and it happens. You’ve taken the first step and you’ve survived and you didn’t “die”. When you need to be strong for someone else anything is possible but when you critique your own strength you underestimate your ability. But facts show, you are strong, I am strong, I can do it and I did do it. Plus you can do it again. And I did twice. So what’s next? I say no looking back, that’s what takes us so long to get started is looking in the past trying to find answers, instead looking right in front of you and showing the world and yourself the ability you had the whole time but were just to afraid to use it. A friend said to me this week, “walk with a purpose”. And I will and that purpose is to explore my surroundings, nature and get into my head some more. It’s time for solitude on my walk to weightloss so I can truly find the me I’ve been looking for. Like they say one small step for Alicia – one giant leap for weightloss!

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