No more what’s next (with food) but instead What’s next (in life and adventure)!

A little while ago someone Dear to me said “Alicia, I wish you could see yourself the way I see you?” She also went onto to say “you also need to take more chances in life by meeting new people and having adventures!” Those things have been ringing in my ears lately. Because I have gotten all the bad food out of my system and I’m more clear headed, I really appreciate those words and who they came from. For myself life is always an adventure everyday. Between child care as my profession, two very go, go, go boys and a young at heart husband, it is an adventure.
I’m starting to also see what she meant when she said how I see you because when you are more clear minded, you are happier and more positive. So I do see myself in a brighter light, one that reflects who I am and not just what I look like.
And as for meeting new people this too comes when you feel positive about life and positive about who you are and the desire to share both with new people. Sometimes it’s safer to stay within the same circle of friends however when you don’t spread your wings to new people and opportunities you miss out on possible personal growth, as well as meeting people who may be just what you need in your life. I’ve spent too long being safe and not enough time saying “what’s next new adventure buddy?” So this week my goal will be to introduce myself to someone new. I’m going to vulnerable by letting myself do something outside of my normal comfort zone. I will be spreading my wings for sure.
This weeks progress is I’m down another 4 pounds. Clothes are feeling more comfortable on, seats aren’t as tight, steering wheel in the car is more comfortable. My mindset is incredibly happy and positive. Food choices have been easier to make. I’ve walked three times this week all for more than 30 minutes. Next week will be four times. It’s all getting better and better. So new challenges, continuing in the right direction with food and health, meet one new person this week and try something new. Let the adventures begin!

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