New Year, New Me!

This is the time of year when resolutions are made and well intended. I will diet, exercise, save money, stop this or that. Be a better Mom, daughter, employee, employer or all around better person. Like I said well intentioned. And we try for weeks maybe even months. And then life happens, we go back to our old ways and then we wait until another new year and make new and improved resolutions. This cycle has been like this since the beginning of time and probably more than likely will carry on for many, many more years to come.
I have made many of these same promises year in and year out. And each year I tell myself this is it. This is the year that I succeed in my promises. And my full intention is to do just that and well we all know how this story ends. Here I am again telling myself that I need to improve. But this year I have decided to look at it differently. This year I have decided to look at myself and my life as a whole and decide for me and only me what I want to change. Where in my life do I need to improve? So I looked back on the year I had and I asked myself if this was my very last year on earth would I be happy where I am at? Of course the answer was no. I wanted to become the best me I know how to be and to get there I knew there were a few things I needed to change. For instance I wanted to make sure that I became more physically able to fulfill the goals I had for myself. So change of food lifestyle and change of exercise were on the top of the list. I looked at it like this, would you expect a old car to go 0-60mph with an old beat up engine, poor fuel choice and an rusty frame? Or would you turn that old car into a classic and fix it up to make the 0-60mph and beat its old record? So that is what I am trying to do for myself, better fuel (food) new frame (healthy body) and fixed up engine ( mind, Spirit) and I will be breaking records left and right. Just you wait.
I have also decided that it is a choice. Not a promise, not a resolution. A choice as to whether or not this is what you want in your life. It is a choice you need to make as soon as you wake in the morning. This is going to be one heck of a day. I have said to myself many times so far this year I will not let myself go back to where I was because it is not the life I want anymore. I am not doing this for surgery anymore as much as I am for me. Because when you make a promise to someone else and fail that hurts not only you but another person too. And I only want to be responsible to myself and in turn I will show others that I am trustworthy in the things that I say. This is a year that I will look back on and be proud of. I will not look back and see the mess I have made and how much work I need to do to clean up. This is the year that I am finally beginning my life and living and not at the end of the year looking back and thinking I have to start all over again. This year I am going to take more chances and make more changes. This year I am going to love even more, especially myself then I will be overflowing for others. This year I am going to organize my life around me to make all my success much more attainable. This year I will become the very best me. I hope that 2015 will be a great year for everyone. Cheers!

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