New Year and a whole new Me!!

Welcome to 2016 everyone. What an amazing year this is going to be for all of us. I find a new year to be a lot like fallen snow. Everything looks brand new, like a fresh palette for anything to become what you want it to become. For me this New Year and with my fresh palette I want to really enjoy life. I want to live like I have never lived before. I want to experience new and exciting things, I want to try new adventures, meet new people and cherish the old ones I have known. I want to appreciate myself more and everyone around me, my family, my friends. I want to learn more about my new body and how it functions differently from my old, tired body. I want to physically push myself to uncharted territories. I want to emotionally release old resentments and feelings to make room for the new and exciting experiences yet to come. I want to share my story and more of who I am with others. There is so much I want to give and receive from life this year. So basically I want my palette to become my best masterpiece yet,  filled with all that the world has to offer.

How will I be able to get all of this from my life you ask. My answer to you is to be open to it. We can say we want something but if our heart and soul is not open to it, it will not happen. I feel for myself that this last month of 2015 for me has been so amazing and that I am more open than I have ever been to experiences. Being in each moment with my family and myself has been incredible. Feeling proud of who I am slowly becoming as I shed the old me has been outstanding. Seeing the reactions from those around me as the see me for the first time in a while has blown my mind. I don’t know how many people have said that I am glowing and when I hear those words I really feel it. This is not to be vain or arrogant by no means. It is actually more of a validation to me of how I feel now in my own skin. It’s not the weight loss per say for me, it’s the “hate myself” loss that is being shed and people are recognizing that. My head is no longer where all food thoughts stay and take up room so that there is no room for anything else. It is now the place where good, positive thoughts about myself and my life fill  my heart with pride. This is the first year in so long that I have not had to start on a diet. This is the first year that I have not felt guilty for the year I left behind because of all my bad choices. This is the first year that I have started it proud of my accomplishments, however little or big they may be. This is the first year that I am starting with a smile on my face as I look back and remember how far I have come. This is the first year I am not promising this or that of myself only to fail within  the first or second week. I am not resolving or promising anything this year except to LIVE! To LOVE. To EXPERIENCE. To ENJOY. To BE. As I take one final look back on 2015 I see the 82 lbs I have shed (52 lbs of it in the last two and half months) and I appreciate where I have been. Had I not been where I was I would never be able to enjoy so much where I am now!

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