I thought as it is almost Mother’s Day, I would write about Motherhood instead of weight this week. I have to start by saying Motherhood and being someone’s Mom/Mommy/Mama is the world’s hardest job. First of all, from the moment you become pregnant you are completely responsible for the health and well being of another person and it continues until the day you take your last breath. The gauntlet of emotions you go through every day is more exhausting than any IronMan or Triathalon in this world.

Let us start with the quilt. No matter what you do, you feel guilty. Too much time with the children, not enought time with the children. Too much affection, not enough affection.  Too many rules, not enough rules. Every day and every decision you question is this the right one. And even if you happen to make a little mistake in the process of the hardest job on earth, you worry how many sessions your child will need on the dreaded couch of  therapists office , spouting off about you and that you were the world’d worst Mom. You feel guilty dropping your child off at daycare and school and even a playdate. Because any time away from you will scar them for life. Right? Won’t it? That’s what you tell yourself. How about siblings.  You want to add another person to your family and it sounds wonderful in theory. But then when they get here you feel so guilty taking away time from your first born to care for your second born. What were you thinking! Now your child feels abandoned by you. Way to go! They will resent you for life.  I could say more about guilt and how no matter the day it will always be present but let’s just leave it at this…guilt is to motherhood as breathing is to living. Can’t do one without the other.

How about WORRY and motherhood? That too starts when your child is in the womb. Am I providing enough nutrition for my child? Will they be ok? Ten finger and ten toes? And then they come out. And even more worry. Will they breath through the night? Are they eating enought? How come they are walking as quickly as so and so? In school you worry about the teachers and if they are being nice to your babies and whether the children are bullying you child or not. If they are you want to wrap them up, take them home and never let anything hurt them again. How long will the bullies words stay in their heart for and you want to take the pain away from them and carry it  yourself. Worrying and mom’s are just the same as guilt and mom’s…FOREVER!

Then there is the SHIELD that all Mother’s possess. This is the shield that will protect her from all the fits of anger, temper tantrums, mean words, hitting and screaming and throwing. Anything that your child sends your way when they are feeling sick, angry, hurt, let down, disappointed or what have you hits the shield and the mother wraps up your pain in love and sends it back to the child so they can start again. Now I am not saying that this an invincible shield because there will be times when it is weak and that is usually only times when all the children are sick and the husband too. It can only handle so much.

And lastly let’s not forget the most important of all these emotions LOVE. No other person in this world will ever love you more than your Mom. They have loved you since they peed on a stick and two lines appeared. They loved you when you were in their bellies as they felt you move around inside and wondered what your little face looked like. The moment they saw you once you were born they have loved you even more and never wanted to NOT feel this love again. Even in the middle of the night after only four hours of sleep in two days a mother holds her child close and gets lost in the love she feels. And each day it only gets stronger and stronger. With each nightmare, scrapped knee, broken heart a Mom is the one who loves her child like no one else can. Even when your child has grown into a adult or a teenager a mother has not yet finished loving you. It truly is never ending. So for me and every emotion that comes with being a MOM I would not change a thing because along with all the hard times comes the greatest gift of all. And that is having shared your heart and soul and body with your child. So please don’t forget this Mother’s Day how very blessed you are to have a Mom, be a Mom or know a Mom. And even if your Mom is no longer here she has left you wrapped in her love and that will never change!


Happy Mother’s Day!

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