Once upon a time there lived a little girl who used dream about her wedding day and a long happy future with her Prince Charming of a husband. And miracles of miracles that little girl got her wish. It was everything she had ever imagined and not like anything she could have ever dreamed up. On Wednesday, August 5, 2015 I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage to my husband Daryl. I look back sometimes at the life we have had and it seems like only yesterday when we were two young people in love, looking forward to a future with the house, children, and a dog. And now all of those things have become a reality and not a dream. We have two incredible boys, ages six and 10 years old, a dream home with a dream view and the family dog that we love. I pinch myself sometimes how lucky I am  to have everything I’ve ever wanted. I guess it’s true when they say ” Dream it and it’ll come true!”

This past weekend I was so fortunate to be able to attend one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to. It was so good that I went to bed thinking about it, I had dreams about it, and I woke up still thinking about it. I believe it was amazing because it had so many of the keys to a great marriage at this wedding. It had love, fun, trust, and moments. It had love, you can actually feel the love all around. You could hear it in the speeches from the friends, family members and the bride and groom themselves. This couple has their brother marry them, which right there shows  that love will push you to do almost anything, even getting up in front of a crowd and drawing us all into the celebration of the love of the happy couple. Their wedding also had fun which was felt in the music, dancing, in the speeches and vows. In marriage there has to be fun and laughter otherwise it gets stale and boring. You could hear the guests  laughing and having fun, it was such a pleasure to be a part of.

There was also trust, this was huge. This is shown by the groom himself being able to put himself in front of a large crowd and being vulnerable enough to sing live for the very first time in front of all of his friends and family. He trusted us enough to share this part of himself with us. Something he’s never done before. There was also trust between the bride and the groom and their brother, who married them. Trust in knowing that he do a great job and then having him MC too,  which of course he was great at. The grooms band showed trust too in providing the best back up to Curtis on his first live performance. They all took turns playing different instruments, and singing lead or backup. They performed an original song for the lucky bride. There was a lot of trust shown all through the ceremony and the reception.

And last but not least this wedding had moments. So many great moments. There was watching my six-year-old perform his first duties as a ring barer, which he  did awesome at! Good job Reid! Another moment was the groom looking at his bride for the first time as she walked towards him. The  moment listening to their vows being heard by us and each other for the first time. The words so heartfelt and true and looking around at the crowd and seeing many tears, of happiness, being shed.  Including that of my own 10-year-old son and myself of course. The moment between the two dads thanking each other for caring so much for their children. The moment when the groom’s father-in-law thanks  him for loving  his daughter and was happy to now call him son. And my favorite of all moments was dancing with my two sons and my husband and listening to my nephews band play. A moment I will forever treasure. A good marriage needs those special moments, times of joy when you’re completely present, enjoying each and every second. All of the factors love, fun, trust, and moments at the beginning of a couple’s marriage I feel just goes to show you that it’s going to be a long and happy one. So thank you Curtis and Brittani  for letting me be a part of such a great wedding, your special day and the start of a wonderful life together.

When I relive that day of my wedding now I wish that I could’ve told myself to enjoy it more. It’s the only time that this many people will ever come together to celebrate you and your future. I wish I knew that way back then. I remember being happy that day seeing all of our friends and family together but I don’t think I truly appreciated it at a young age of 23, the way that I do now. I also try and remember the vows and the meaning  that they had to me and my groom.  But  again I feel like 23 years old they are not what I would have said if I were to marry tomorrow. They were also vows  written by someone other than myself and so they were not memorized and I think they took on their own meaning . I look back at the wedding album and I see two young adults with excitement for a future and anticipation of the unknown and not a clue about what life will bring them. It hasn’t always been rose petals and bubble baths . There’s been a lot of long sleepless nights, arguments, and moments of wanting to give up and just go back to being a child where everything was easier. Someone fed you, clothed you, loved you and there was no stress. But then I think back to my life before kids, marriage, a mortgage, and Daryl, my best friend and it is nothing without him, them, in it. My life was the blah and with Daryl  and my children, it’s full, flavorful, and fun! I love that my life is different and yet the same every day. I love that I go to sleep with my best friend and lover and wake up to a home full of noise, mess , and Nerf blasters! I love that my husband and I have grown into the adults  we once thought we were. I love that I like who the two of us are together, better, fuller and happy! I love that we’ve struggled,  which we probably always will because life isn’t easy. I love that we learned that struggles are just the beginning of happiness because you you learn that you were stronger than you think. I love that together we created the most amazing little people this  world would have ever suspected. This year in October we will have been together for 19 years which means that more than half of my life now has been with the same man . This  is exactly what I’ve always wanted. Not only to grow old with another person but to grow,  with my partner, my friend, my husband. I love you Daryl, more than all of these words can ever say. Happy 15 year anniversary and here’s to 60 more!

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