Lies, lies and more lies

Sometimes I think about all the lies that happen on a daily basis and how they affect us in our lives. There are many different types of lies, there are the really big ones that are so huge they need more lies to keep them alive. Then there are the little white lies that we say are for the benefit of others. There are also the lies that are pathological and the person telling them does not know where the truth begins and the lie ends. Then there are the major life changing lies that affect more than one person. And of all these lies there is a lie that is so much greater, so heart breaking and so malicious. And that is the lies that we tell to ourselves. The lies that we think are our truth but in fact they are covering us from a pain that is too real and too scary to ever want to feel or to know. Those lies are the ones that are the hardest to deal with and the most painful to know.
You might be asking yourself “why is she talking about lies and how are they related to weight loss and its journey?” Well that is a great question and now let me share. There are a lot of lies in life this is sad but very true. In fact they surround us daily in many forms. They are in the media, in advertising, from our friends (yes that colour looks great) from the yes I’m going to call you to the I will visit I promise. Some lies people say are for our protection. Other lies are to sell us consumers things we are told that we need and can not live without. Lies live with us and follow us everywhere. But the lies that are the ones that are the greatest in pain are the ones we tell ourselves and the ones we believe about ourelves and try and get others to believe too. People who have a weight issue or anyone with an addiction for that matter are constantly lying to themselves. We think that we have control, when in fact that is the biggest lie of all. We have no control and that is why we have to lie so that we can pretend that we are normal. We are hurting ourselves and others with this false world that we live in believing that this addictive behaviour is normal. We lie and tell ourselves and others that we are fine and that life is grand. We lie with our fake smiles and assurance that everything is ok. We lie when we forget to be honest with what we have or have not eaten or what we have or have not done for exercise. And many, many more.
I believe that one of the greatest ways we can break free from addiction is to start being brutally honest with ourselves and with others around us who care for us. Tell the truth even when we think that it will make us look bad. Tell the truth even when we think that we may get in trouble. Tell ourselves the truth even when it seems to much to bare. Once you start being honest you start to earn back the trust of others and especially the trust of your own word. I believe that this is one of the first steps on the road to confidence. I for one am all about trying to find my way to that place of pure joy and elation knowing that I am trustworthy and that my word is solid gold. Are you?…

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