Let’s talk Parenting!

I know my blog is normally about weight loss and all that goes with it but today I thought I would change it up a bit and talk about parenting. As all parts of my weight loss also include all parts of my life and how each affects the other.
I am raising a nine-year-old son and a five-year-old son. Boy oh boy is this fun! And loud! As most of you parents know out there this is not an easy job. I say it has to be the hardest. I am by no mean saying that it’s not wonderful or that I am not grateful for my children. What I am saying is that every day is a challenge. Now I have not been raising girls so I believe that it could be just the same for parents of daughters but raising boys is especially difficult. Both of my boys have opinions, argue, fight with each other and me. I sometimes wonder if they’ll ever like each other. They have moments but they are so few and far between I don’t know what their future will be as brothers or friends. I know for myself as a mother I tend to take everything to heart. When I argue with my sons I feel like they’ll be mad at me forever or I will be mad at them forever. When I say no I feel mean even though I know it’s for their own good. And do you ever feel like your name is ” mom or dad can I have” instead of just mom or dad. I feel like I’m only ever asked for things either to buy them, make them or do them. I don’t ever hear mom could I take out the garbage for you, mom could I make my bed or mom let me pay for that. NOPE! I hear can I have money for a movie, can you make me some lunch and my favorite I don’t want to clean my room. But could I still have money to buy something that I think I want and need and I’ll play with for ever and if I don’t get it I’ll die. Fast forward 10 minutes and that ever so important thing is on the ground or in the closet and forgotten!!! And it meant nothing and not everything like they thought it did.
I finally had to to have a talk with my oldest son about taking taking and never giving. I explained that in your bank account you cannot take out money if you have nothing to take out. It’s the same with the parent and child relationship. You can’t keep asking me for million things but never want to do anything in return. He seemed to have gotten that. But we will see??!!!
And then I ask myself was I this selfish as a young girl? Mom, dad you can answer that one. Will my boys ever grow out of it?
Besides all of the things that my children due to “annoy me” more than any of those things combined I worry how I’m doing as their mother? How bad am I screwing them up? Am I doing anything right? And my loving them enough? Am I teaching them the most important things they need in life? I try my hardest daily to make sure I’m being a good parent and some days are better than others. I know one thing for sure no matter what I love my boys to the ends of the earth and both of them are a huge part of my happiness in life today. So I’ll take many more of these years (which are a lot in store for me )of their shenanigans to continue being their mom and being able to show them how much I love them. Love you Lucas! I love you Reid!

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