Learning to walk…

For me as a child care provider I get a lot of inspiration from children, by watching them learn about life and the awe they have at seeing or doing something for the first time. In particular lately I’ve been watching this one little boy learn to walk. He’s doing great. And this certain inspiration came as I was watching him climb up a hill in our backyard. He’s just learning to get his footing right and he takes a look at this hill, to this one year-old which must look gigantic and decides even though I’m new on these feet I’m going to conquer this sucker. He starts at the bottom and gets a bit ahead of himself and BAM he falls. No no longer than two seconds and he’s up again this time more cautious on his journey up this mountainous hill, he falls about 10 times. I’m behind the entire way making sure that he’s safe, the odd time I put out my hand for him to take hold of, he graciously accepts but only until he gets his footing and he’s off again. The best part of this whole story for me is the look he has once he’s reach the top. PRICELESS! And I feel grateful to have witnessed it, he was so proud of what he’s done and so he should be. From this moment of sheer amazement on his part what I took away was that life and weight loss itself are a lot like learning how to walk and attempting to climb a mountain. You start off slow get your bearings then become a bit cocky like you know it all already and Bam …you fall. But the trick is GETTING BACK UP!
For myself in these last few weeks I’d felt as though I was going to slip, I talked about it, felt like I caught myself in time, tried again but then life smacked me in the face and away I slid to the bottom of the hill. Not only looking how far I had fallen but how far I had to go to get to the top. It seemed insurmountable. How could I have failed again? What did I do wrong? I thought I caught it in time. But what I’ve learned from watching that little boy conquer his mountain is that you just keep going, falling and getting back up. Looking for that person or people behind you with their arms outstretched to help you and taking it when you need it. Just like for the little boy he got back up every time he fell. He didn’t sit there and wonder what it looked like from the top, he saw it for himself. And his pride in doing so showed me that one day I too will stand a top of my mountain and beam with success in never have giving up.
Since I’m talking about what I’ve learned from a child today let me conclude with my favourite movie quote. It comes from the inspiring Mater from The Cars movie. Lightning McQueen asked Mater how he learned to drive so well backwards and Mater replies ” you don’t have to know where you are going, you just have to know where you have been!”

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