It’s a whole new world

I cannot believe that only a few short months ago I was over 300 pounds, sore every where and faking life. And now I just completed my first ever 5km Foam Fest Run. Who would have thunk it? Not me. Definitely not me! What an amazing experience I had today at the run. I was becoming more and more nervous as the day was getting closer. I had never done anything like this before. I was always the one cheering from the sideline. I wasn’t the one in there doing it with everyone else. I was so nervous and scared in fact that I tried to convince myself that I could not do it. How would I know if I could do it or I could not do it unless I got out there and tried. I had to tell myself that I was no longer the woman who was over 300 pounds. I was now the woman that tried new things and got out there and did it with everyone else.

I was capable and I was most importantly now willing. I was willing to step outside of my comfort zone. I was willing to get down and dirty with the rest of them. I was excited to do my first adventurous run with my husband. We got to share this experience together. I got to show him that I could do things like this now and I could enjoy them. I will say that there were some things that I was worried to try, like the climbing the big nets and walking on the foam in the water. So those things I passed on, this time. I told myself as I watched others, next year I will do all of them. And I will. The scariest part of trying something new is the fear of failing at it. Once you get over the scary part and and push through all the fear goes away and what comes next is pride. You are proud of yourself for doing it even though you were scared and did it anyway. And I did it and now I am so proud of myself. I got to show my husband, my children that I am proud for facing my fears and doing it! Next year the whole family gets to do this together. I can’t wait!


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