It takes TWO!

Good things come in pairs. A pair of shoes, a pair of earrings, a pair of hearts and a partnership. It takes two halves to make a whole in life and in relationships. This is the same for people that are on a weightloss journey, they need both people in the relationship to be on a path to good health. This is especially true if both people are in need of weight loss such as my husband and I. In order for us to be successful we need to do it together. Well as you may already know this is not the case for the two of us. We are like two ships in the night, passing only for a moment but constantly going in the opposite direction. We have never in our 17 years together been on the journey at the same time for more than a few days. One is on and the other is off. One is up and the other is down. It is the world’s worst roller coaster, you never get to enjoy the ride at the same time. And to say the least this is quite sabotaging to the other person. I will take full responsibility as the buyer, provider and maker of food for my family. I make the meals, lunches, dinners and provide the choices in the pantry. And those who know me,  know just how many times I have done the whole pantry cleanout, trying to provide good choices for myself and my family.

And then slowly the things I have taken out make their way back in. And eventually another purge is required. Needless to say this is very difficult to find or have any sort of success when you are constantly battling temptations in front of you. Not only is this mentally exhausting it takes a toll on you both phyically and emotionally too. It would be like an alcoholic living in a bar or a drug addict living in a pharmacy, temptations are all around you. I wish I knew of a solution or a magic trick to get us both on this ride at the same time. Going on any journey by yourself is lonely, especially when your loved one is waiting for you at home doing that which you are trying to avoid. Sometimes I feel like I have come so far and then all of a sudden it’s like back to the drawing board trying to figure out what will work for us. I want to leave on a positive note because I feel that this is what my blog is all about – taking the hard things and turning them into something wonderful. So I will say this, I have never wanted anything more than to experience and succeed on this journey with anyone,  than I want to with my husband Daryl. And I know in my heart of hearts it will happen because I WON’T GIVE UP!

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