Hi God, It’s me Alicia!

Today is the first day of my 37th year on earth and I just want to say THANK YOU! I have had many great experience in my life and I know even more to come. I enjoyed the many great moments of a girl growing up in the 80’s and now a wife and mother in the 21st century. I am grateful for each and every second I have had. And I want more. I want more of the moments that take your breathe away and not moments that leave me out of breath. There is a huge difference and I have known those moments now for much too long. So now what? I know the answer. I know the cure. I know the equation but I seem to have lost the power. And then I realize the power is in HIM. And HE is in me. I get it and I long for it and I want it and I wish I could have it yesterday. But how would I be growing if I got it when I wanted it and didn’t have to work for it. This is tough. Knowing what needs to be done and constantly thinking about it and not following through with it is so exhausting.

I would probably feel less exhausted if I just did what I had to do. So I guess I need help. I don’t know what kind of help. Maybe prayers, maybe positive words and thoughts sent my way. Just being aware that others have struggles in life too and thinking of them will bring us all closer as we fight this battle we call addiction together. All I know for sure is that I am happy I have God on my side. Amen!

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