Goodbyes to Baby Showers

You know when you meet a family or a friend and you really connect and you think to yourself these people or this person is amazing and I’m glad I’ve met them? And then they say they are moving. Ouch! So each time you’re with them all you think about is the fact that they are leaving soon. And then the moment comes to say your goodbyes and it is so hard because you know there is that empty space in your heart where they used to be. It hurts. And that is as an adult. So imagine that for a child? This weekend I had to witness this with not one but both of my boys. They had met and quickly bonded with these brothers from Lucas’ football team and enjoyed many a play and a whole lot of fun in a few short months. And then before we knew it it was time to say goodbye to those amazing brothers. They all said their goodbyes, gave their hugs and shouted their “I will miss you’s!” As we drove away all of our hearts started to break and the tears flow as we realized these special friends and their family were gone. Seeing my boys broken-hearted was hard to watch. I felt their pain and is wanted to take it away from them. It was their first heart ache. I told them that friends like these boys teach us to be so grateful for having them, even for a short while. We miss you already Reese and Levi!
That was Saturday and on Sunday it was time to flip the script and go say hello to a brand new baby at a baby shower. Amazing this all happened in a short 24 hour period. It was a beautiful baby shower and not for the reasons you would think. It was not because of the pretty decorations and the cute clothes and gifts given. It was beautiful because of the reason for the celebration. A new life. A welcome to the world for a gorgeous little baby with all these people here to celebrate her. To show their love to the parents and their daughter. It was a huge room and it was so filled with love and joy. You could feel it wherever you went. The parents were glowing as they looked out at the crowd and knew all these people, the ones they love and call friends and family are here for someone beautiful that they created together. It was a terrific day and I was grateful to have been a part of it. Welcome to the world Indira!
It amazes me what life will throw at you and the extremes at which they come in a short period of time. So I sit back and I think to myself you know what I am so happy to have experienced both of these things within a day because that means I am lucky enough to be LIVING!

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