From one extreme to another

As many of you know the beginning of this journey for me has been about getting surgery to assist in my weight loss. I have been told by Dr. Amson from the start to walk an hour a day and to eat healthy and make better choices in my meals. I have done this a little but not nearly as much as I should have. So last Thursday I went to see him again hoping to hear news as to whether or not I get the surgery. I have completed all the things that he had asked me to do such as go see a sleep therapist, get lots of blood work, see an internal medicine specialist and more. I was able to check all those things off of his list and so I figured I had a 50/50 chance of being told my surgery was right around the corner. Before he meets with you he asked that you get weighed. I was and sat there waiting on him and when he saw me he looked at the weight that I had lost. It was a whole half of a pound since February. He looked at me and said “you are not trying so why should I give you the surgery?” You are not capable. Ouch but true as of this moment. If you would have come in here and lost 30 pounds or more I would have thought differently but you haven’t so I am not going to give you the surgery. You would think that hearing that made me angry but it did not it was actually the opposite. It made me happy that he gave me the push that I needed. Because by him saying that I can’t or that I didn’t makes me want to prove him wrong. It is almost like he knew that this would happen. Reverse pyscology by the Doctor. I am going to go and see him again in February and I will have lost 10% of my weight and then he will tell me I can get my surgery. I am more determined now than ever. Good job Dr. Amson.
Now on the flip side of the negative Doctor things that have happened. There is a positive side and that is in regards to my sleep apnea. I was tested and found out that I have severe sleep apnea. Which means that in an hour through the night I wake up 61 time. Once a minute I wake up. So I was fitted for a bi-pap machine that helps you breathe through out the night and I have had it for 15 days. I went to check in with the Doctor and he was blown away. He could not believe my progress in only 15 days. He said that I have gone from 61 to only waking up once in over 3 hours. That is great. He said I will be noticing more and more good differences for up to another 8 months. Isn’t that awesome. He said if I keep it up I might be his poster child for that machine.
So what I see here is that through all the challenges and negative results in the health department it is all coming together into one darn healthy woman when this is all over. I will sleep better, no more pre diabetes, no more high blood pressure and any other thing that is not serving a good purpose to me. I will keep you posted as to the outcome…

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