This week I have been thinking about forgiveness and the role that it plays in our lives and on the journey towards weight loss.  As a Christian forgiveness is a major part of my life and it does become easier the more and more you practice it. However, when it comes to forgiving yourself I would have to say that it is one of the hardest things to do. I can forgive anyone for almost anything, except myself. Why? Why is this such a hard emotional thing to do. Is it because if you do you let yourself off the hook for a mistake? Is it becasuse you don’t feel like you deserve it? Is it because you are still mad at yourself for it and don’t want to let it go? I am still not sure what it is for me. All I know is that I have made many mistakes and sadly I still carry them all around with me. But I am beginning to realize that they are not doing me any good and I need to figure out a way to release them. So I guess I will just tell you all and maybe by doing that and  getting  them off my chest I will be able to really forgive myself.

So here are the things that I need to let go of.   1. Not taking care of my body the way that I should with good food and exercise. 2. Breaking promises to my husband, my children, my family, my friends and myself.  3. Allowing my weight to hinder great moments missed and new experiences to enjoy.  4. Continuing to allow how I feel about myself determine who and what I should be in this world.  5. Not walking the path I should because I feel like I don’t deserve it.  6.Letting myself down.   Oh wow! There they all are in black and white.  They seem a little less harmless on paper than the do in my head. To be honest feels a little better to release them and say them out loud to the public. Now it seems the only step left is to forgive myself.  So for this week my challenge will be to do just that, take my experiences, use them and let it go. Can you?


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