For all the Mom’s

A day that celebrates mother’s and the mother figures in our lives makes me think of the why’s of the love I have for being a mother. There are so many reasons that I love being a mother to my children. And it all started from the moment I learned I was pregnant. Knowing that the love my husband and I had for one another created a little being was so exciting. And feeling my child grow inside of me was miraculous every single day. I used to try and envision   what he or she would look like. I used to wonder what kind of personality he would have. I used to pray that he would be healthy and safe for all times. I knew I loved my child before he was even here. I knew that one of my most important life’s work was to be a Mom and the very best Mom that I could be. I knew I wanted to grow up to be a mother even before I learned what I wanted to do as my career. I knew Motherhood was at the top of my list. And it still is. The waiting to meet my child seemed like it was forever but the moment I met him and held him all that time seemed to vanish. I fell in love with this little squishy baby harder than I could have ever imagined falling in love. It was instant and it was SCARY. I was so much in love with my child that anything happening to him scared the life out of me. Every night I held my breathe that he would make it through because I was so afraid of losing him. I was freaked out when he would do something that I felt was too unsafe but he was only trying to learn how to be independent. I had to learn not to hold on so tight. There were so many scary, terrifying things that comes with being a first time mother but they were all feelings I would hate to not have in my life again. The worry, the guilt, the frustration all of these emotions meant that I was lucky enough to love a person with all that I was and be able to call them my child. Luke, I am your Mother!

Along with the emotions and feelings that come with being a mother comes the physical parts, such as the holding a child that is yours. I use to always think that they fit so perfectly in my arms and that little nape in my neck where they would lie their heads. That was a spot meant only for my boys. Others have tried but it only feels just right with them. Then there are the snuggles. Hugs never feel better when they come from my boys. My youngest loves to snuggle right up to me in my bed. Those are some of my favourite times. And I know they won’t last much longer with them being 6 and 10 years old. I need to hold on as long as I can. It is funny the intuition that comes with being a mother too. I know when something is bugging my boys even if I haven’t talked to them about anything yet. I know if they are up to something just by the length of quiet. I can tell if they are going to lie to me just by a look in their eyes. I like to call these my mommy super powers. Just like all moms have eyes in the back of their heads and can see when you are getting in trouble. Nothing gets past a mother for too long. I love seeing my boys have parts of my personality in them and say things that I have said but way cuter of course. I like watching my oldest play a sport that he excels at and see the confidence that it gives him. I love watching my youngest make new friends at schools and try new things in life. I love the way both of my boys make me laugh. I have some pretty funny kids. I really could go on for hours about all the things I love about being a mother but instead this Mother’s Day I want to thank my Mom for bringing me into this world so that I was able to experience all the wonders of motherhood for myself. Thank you Mom for teaching me how to be such a good Mom by leading by your example to me. I love you so much and I am grateful I can call you my Mom and my friend. So to all the moms  out there this Mother’s Day when you are woken up tomorrow by your beautiful children take some time throughout the day to remember all the reasons you really love being a Mom. And if you are still lucky enough to have your Mom here ask her what she liked about Motherhood. And then say Thank you!

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