Fifty shades of my opinion!

Here is the truth from my view about Fifty Shades of Grey. First off, yes I was one of those woman that devoured the three books in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. And yes I too went to the theatre, dragging my husband along with me to see if the movies portrayal of the book matched up with my imagination. And I must say it did a really good job. But since the release of the movie there has been a lot of controversy about the way the movie is making a dominant relationship in the bedroom to be glamorized and how the character of such a dominant like Christian Grey is coming across as a hero and the character of Anastasia Steel as the victim for his own sexual pleasure. To me a hero can not be a person that is so destroyed and broken as he was. To me the hero in the story was Anastasia because she was who she was, herself. And at the same time wanted to be the person the showed Christian that there can be love in your life and it how it can be scary and exciting. Even more so than his special playroom. I’d like to share the facts with you as I see them. First off Fifty Shades of Grey is a Fictional book with fictional characters and a fictional story line. These characters have been so popular with the public they have now been brought to the big screen and yet again are being portrayed by actors in their fictional roles. The author E.L. James used her imagination to create this story, these characters and this movie. This is not based on her real life or that of someone else’s.
Another fact is that Anastasia and Christian are characters from a book being portrayed by actors on the big screen. They are not providing insight into the lives of real life people or people that have passed on. Only that of a characters that are not real. For instance Karniss from Hunger Games is a character that is fictional. We know that she is not real. We know that she is not really Jennifer Lawrence. We know that someone’s imagination created her and brought her to life for many millions of people to enjoy, not only in the books but in the movies. The same goes for E.L. James with her Christian and Anastasia characters and the actors that became them on screen.
If we really take the time to think about the book and the movie we would realize that we all know someone like these characters in our lives. Some of us may even be just like them ourselves. But that does not mean that we all go sexually crazy and create a red room of terror. It just shows how one person uses something as a vice to provide comfort to himself or herself instead of facing the fact that they have a lot of demons and baggage to deal with. What I took from the movie and the book was that when you are “broken” you want to be fixed but you are scared. Christian wanted to love Anastasia. He wanted her to be able to touch him and to let her into his heart. But all he had known was this life and no one had ever challenged it or challenged him before. He was afraid that if he let her in she would break his heart and that would cause him more pain than he had ever given or received in his Red Room. So he had to have control for his own sanity. It was how he had survived up until now.
I believe that sometimes our life experiences colour how we view certain things and situations in life. Everyone of us that has read the books or seen the movie has had different life experiences and so we take, assume or provide our own conclusions to something we have seen or read. Neither of which is right or wrong. And these events in our lives have made us who we are. Some of us may be the Christians, the Anastasia’s or neither. But whoever or whatever we are has nothing to do with what we do in the privacy of our own bedrooms. That is no ones business but our own. That is my thought for the week!

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