Today I thought it fitting to write about families seeing as how we are celebrating Family Day here in BC. I like to think that I celebrate my family everyday. Families are the people who love us unconditionally. With our families is where we are the most ourselves. Families don’t always have to come from blood lines or marriage, some families come into our lives to fill a place in our hearts that may be missing. Some people take on that role as mother, father, grandparent or child to someone who is the need of just that in their lives at that moment. Those people I like to call Earth Angels! I am grateful to have known a few in my life. Families are here to fill us up and to shake us down off our high horse when we need it. Families don’t always get along and that is ok. After all we don’t chose who are families are in most cases. Sometimes we have to learn many lessons before we can come together again as a family unit. Lessons in forgiveness, patience, understanding, boundaries and most importantly love. How to love and how to be loved by others. Lessons in letting go of old wounds, lessons in opening up to someone who has never known true family. Being to others what we need ourselves is the true meaning of what a family is all about.
I am so grateful to have come from a wonderful family, not always perfect but always loving. I am happy to be able to pass that onto my children and I know that when they have children of their own my boys will have such great love to give to their families.
When you look around at the world today you see so many great examples of what families really are. They may not always come in that cookie cutter mould of the traditional family with Mom, Dad, Son and Daughter. We live in a modern world in 2015 and all families are unique. For example a single mother + two children= FAMILY, two dads +one daughter= FAMILY, a Grandma + three grandchildren= FAMILY and list goes on and on. Even in the animal world you don’t have to come from the same momma to be family, take for example the elephant that is family with the dog. Seems crazy but that is what family is all about. Families are who make us who we are and the families we will one day become to others.
As a childcare provider I get to learn a lot about families and the little people that come from them. Everyday my goal is to provide what each child needs and no two children are alike. Some children need lots of love and cuddles whereas other children need space and independence. Some children need lots of reassurance and pats on their backs and others need structure and rules. As I provide these things for the children on a daily basis I feel like I become more and more a part of their families and they become more a part of mine. And then comes the time to say goodbye. That is never easy and never will be easy. We never like to say goodbye because it seems so final. All I know is that in my heart and in my daycare family there are about 100 places I hold really close to me of those children who have been in my life. How lucky am I? What a great job I have to be able to share my heart, my home and my family with children and to forever be a memory in their hearts of where love was shown to them and where love grows with them daily. So I end with a huge Happy Family Day to you and yours!

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