Do you ever feel like you are failing at everything?

Do you ever feel that way? I’m failing at everything and I just can’t seem to get a thing right. Not my weight, not my relationships, not my children, my marriage or my finances. NOTHING. I know this isn’t the truth in every instance but it is true with some of them. You say a story in your head and it becomes way bigger than how it started out because we are by far our own worst critics. Once something reaches the brain- it may have started out teeny tiny thing but then our brain takes it, coats it in negativity, let’s it rise and then deep fries it until it becomes the biggest, worst thing ever. It will be either about ourselves, our failures or whatever we can get our hands on. Instead of working on whatever it is that needs to be slightly tuned up, we turn it into something even a lifetime worth of therapy couldn’t fix. It’s the power of words that will always hinder us if used in a negative way. There are so many things that need to be worried about, fixed, watched, adjusted, broken or mended in life that it is truly hard to even know where to begin. Especially when you feel like no matter what you try it will broken the moment it’s fixed. It feels like that everyday in parenthood. Weight loss feels like that every Monday and marriage feels like that once in awhile. Life is not easy and neither is living like you are always waiting for improvement. We are who we are and when we are ready we will grow. Or we won’t. The thing is the choice is ours. We need to leave well enough alone and be happy with ourselves. Be happy with our children, our spouses, our homes and that very breath we just took. I know for myself I’m tired of waiting for better. I want to be happy with the moments that are in front of me and with who I am in those moments. So for me I have decided I’m not failing – I AM LIVING!

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