This is the time of the year that I love and that I love to hate. I love the feel of Christmas with the gift of giving and generosity. I love the celebration of family and being with the ones you love. I hate the rushed and rude shoppers who are trying last minute to buy the perfect present for someone they probably don’t like and forget to shower the ones they do love with the recognition that they deserve. I love the sweet little moments with children in the excitement and joy that the spirit of Christmas brings. Opening presents from their friends and teachers. I love the Christmas concerts that the schools put on and the splashes of talent that each school shares with their families. I don’t like the way a mall or store makes you and your lack of purchases feel. The snickers and snide remarks about the amount of gifts that should be under the tree to show a really blessed Christmas. For me a blessed Christmas is the one that I wake up in a warm bed beside the love of my life, walk down the hall and see my beautiful children all nestled in their beds ( including the dog). To me a blessed Christmas in not about what is under the tree but more about who is around the tree with me.

To me a blessed Christmas is making it just that for someone else. Lending a hand when needed, providing a ear to listen to a sadden friend and a heart to share the love I have with those special someone’s around my Christmas tree and in my heart all year long. To me a blessed Christmas is the tradition in the things we have grown to love, like going and picking out the perfect tree and putting on the silly hats to decorate it. The Christmas eve drive around to look at all the lights in the city. Or the Christmas wife saver for breakfast with sparkling apple juice. Setting out the cookies and milk for Santa. The excitement on Christmas morning to see of they are all eaten up and did Santa leave a note again this year? To me Christmas is about knowing that on December 26th of every year when all the bells and whistles and excitement have gone away you can still say I have what counts beside me and that is the people that I love and not the new gadgets, trinkets or toys. It may be exciting at first but it will ware off and the love of our families and friends will not. So please this Christmas when you are running around trying to find that perfect something for that perfect someone why not instead tell them “you are my perfect someone” that is a gift that will last a lifetime. Merry Christmas!

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