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The Emotional journey to successful weight loss is just that. You have to travel through the emotions first in order to get the success you have been looking for. Daryl guides you through the entire journey with his experiences and day to day advice.

Daryl's book gives his reader suggestions, ideas, accounts of his struggle with his own weight issues and shows them that anything is possible when you work hard towards your goal.

This book is from someone who has overcome obesity himself and wants to share what he has learned along the way. It is a step by step journey to reaching your own success.

Daryl's book is more than just a weight loss book it is a road map to finding your true undiscovered self.

About Daryl Marceau

Daryl Marceau lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada. He and his wife Alicia have been married for 16 years. They have two boys Lucas and Reid who are 11 and 7 years old. Daryl has worked as a social worker in Nanaimo for 15 years. He has struggled with his weight all his life and in 2015 lost 155 pounds. Daryl has kept the weight off for over a year now. Daryl is a first time author. He is excited to share his weight loss journey and his insights into how to change one’s thinking and heal emotionally. Daryl also enjoys coaching football, time with his family and friends.

What People Are Saying

Pierre Trépanier,Cre8profits.com

I have known Daryl for many years and was lucky enough to have witnessed the transformation with my own eyes. Daryl has motivated me like few people have. He is the man yet, there were many things I did not know about him when I read the book, the stories he tells motivate and break your heart at the same time, he is so honest about everything. A great read, a great journey and a great friend. This book is a must.Thanks Pierre

Online Reader,

Daryl's book is one of the best weight loss books I have read. He does not preach his way or nothing. He shares his real life experiences and what he has learned and allows the reader to join him on their own journey to Successful weight loss.