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Finally ME shows you that you have the power within yourself to become who you have always been meant to be. Your true SELF.

Alicia takes you on a journey of discovery in the lessons she continues to learn about herself and her weight. Following her on her journey you too may unlock something about your own power.

Finally ME takes you through all the steps of weight loss surgery (VSG) and shows you things that you cannot find in any other book.

Alicia shows you that you can look back at your life and the choices that you have made and have a good old belly laugh and at the same time learn and be able to move forward.

About the Author: Alicia Hill-Marceau

What should you know about me? Let's start with the facts. I am a mother of two amazing boys Lucas and Reid. I am a wife of 16 years to my incredible husband Daryl. I am a long time child care provider of 15 years, a job I love and have been very lucky to be doing for so long. I have most recently just become a first time author. I have always wanted to write a book and at first I imagined writing children's books, I thought I would become the next Robert Munsch. But instead I decided a tell all about my journey both physical and emotional through weight loss surgery was a much more desired and required book for me to write. My book is both raw and incredibly vulnerable. I put my heart and soul onto each and every page of my book and I am extremely proud of it.

I was born in Guelph Ontario and anyone who knows me probably knows the story of my almost birth. I was almost born in the CN Tower elevator. Thank goodness that was not where my story began but instead it began in the Guelph Hospital a mere 72 hours later. My poor mother, she tells me this is the reason she only had one child. I prefer to think that it was because I was pure perfection and there was no topping me. We moved to Nanaimo when I was two so I have always felt like an island girl as it is all that I know. I have lived here for 37 years and counting and I don't know if I will ever leave, expect maybe to Hawaii in the winters. I met my husband when I was a young 19 year old girl in College and we have been together ever since. We are in fact college sweethearts.

As a new and first time author my only wish is not to sell books (well a little bit) but to really make an impact on people's lives with what I have learned during my weight loss surgery and the weight loss itself as well as the reasons behind my eating and its addiction. I know that this will not be the last book that I write as I can feel many more books bubbling to the surface and waiting to be put out there for you to read. I look forward to getting to know my readers and I hope to have made some impact on your life the way you already have to mine.

What People Are Saying

Online Reader

I loved it! Raw and truthful with some quirky humour. Alicia takes you through some dark parts of her life and tells you how her life has changed with VSG and being faithful in finding "Finally ME!" A must read and a five star.

Online Reader

Amazing book. So true to life and experiences. Very well written. Keeps you wanting to read more and not put the book down. Thank you Alicia for letting me join you on your journey

Pierre TrépanierCre8profits.com

I have known Alicia for many years and was lucky enough to actually see the transformation.The book is very honest and not knowing anything about Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy, it gave me a completely new perspective on it. A must read, an awesome book and a tremendous success story. Thanks. Pierre

Online Reader

Reading this book is like chatting with a girlfriend. It is easy to relate to the author and the book has helpful advice. It is definately a nice change from typical weight loss books because the story is raw and real but also highly relatable.