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Introducing Shine, Volume II: Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success Over Adversity

SHINE, Volume II: Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success Over Adversity features interviews with 14 incredibly inspiring and successful women.

The co-authors in Shine, Volume II are perfect examples of choosing to live a life that you love. They have all faced adversities of one kind or another, but managed to not only survive, but thrive. It is our hope that their stories will inspire you and encourage you to keep going even if all you want to do is give up. If they can do it, so can you!

In SHINE Volume II, you will learn about:
•Being strong in the middle of chaos and uncertainty
•The importance of mind over matter
•Developing resilience
•How alignment is the new hustle
•Finding a way to accomplish your goals – even when it seems like there are no options
•The art of balance
•Having the courage to stand
•Managing your finances
•How to push through and not give up
•How to be a self-empowered entrepreneur

Compiled by Suzanne Doyle-Ingram, CEO of Prominence Publishing, this book features 14 extraordinary women: Alicia Hill-Marceau, Alexandra Romann, Jen Hickle, Michele Devlin, Sheri Scott, Dr. Suzanne Sykurski, Lauretha Ward, Rhona Parsons, Rosa Livingstone, Marsha Vanwynsberghe, Rochelle Okoye, Colleen Preston, Holly Henbest and Carrie Ware.

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About Alicia Hill-Marceau

Being Fat Sucks!

There is nothing worse than feeling depressed, invisible and feeling like there is nowhere to go.

But guess what? There is a solution.

It's called Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) and it truly works. You can have a life that you have always dreamed of.

Finally Me! will show you how to get there, what to expect and how to become excited to finally LIVE.

If you are considering weight loss surgery, you are probably at the end of your rope and wondering if VSG surgery or some other type of weight loss surgery is right for you. You are not alone.

Alicia Hill-Marceau started her weight loss journey at 321 pounds.

In Finally Me! she documents exactly what she did to lose 132 pounds, including what she needed to do before, during and after vsg surgery.

She writes in such an honest and captivating way that you won't be able to put the book down once you pick it up.Based on her years of blogging, Finally Me! is a raw and honest look at weight loss from someone who was once morbidly obese.

This book will motivate you, encourage you and hopefully push you to take action.

If you want the inside scoop on weight loss surgery from someone who has done it and lost 132 pounds, this book is for you.

It is not easy, and it requires a lot of work, sacrifices and tough choices, but as Alicia Hill-Marceau says, it's worth it to have the life you've always dreamed of.

About Daryl Marceau

Creating the Life You Want!

The Emotional Journey to Successful Weight Loss gives the reader a new sense of hope in discovering ways to finally conquer food addiction and live the life they always wanted.

The book is for anyone who has or is struggling with their weight. The Emotional Journey to Successful Weight Loss is different from many of the other books about weight loss as it focuses on the emotional aspects of food addiction rather than just what to eat or how to exercise.

This book is not written by a personal trainer or diet expert who has never themselves been overweight. Instead, author Daryl Marceau is someone you can relate to who has found a way to lose 155 pounds and keep it off.

The book is about learning how to heal one’s self on the inside in order to make changes on the outside. After many unsuccessful attempts at weight loss, Daryl Marceau finally figured out the key to weight loss success and now he is sharing all his tips and strategies in this book.

He gives the reader strategies that are realistic and achievable.

This book involves the reader by taking them on a weight loss journey. The Emotional Journey to Successful Weight Loss is part self-help, part workbook and part biography.

The book helps prepare the reader by taking in account all aspects of losing weight needed in order to be the most successful possible.

Are YOU ready to start your FINAL weight loss journey?

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